369 Automatic Parking Barriers

Introducing a versatile parking barrier system. Which adapts to your demands but also proves to be a cost-effective solution. We can be your go-to Parking Barrier Suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

Appropriate Automation

369 Automatic Parking Barriers

The parking barrier system has a technology known as direct current technology. This technology aids in the lifting of the barrier. The barrier features powerful gears that can lift large arms. The pieces that move the barrier may be replaced. It is useful for mending and ensuring the system lasts a long time. 

The device can operate with barrier arms up to 6 metres long. Barriers can be up to 12 metres wide if there are two obstacles. It takes between 8 and 15 seconds to open. The system can work around 750 to 1,000 times in a day. We are truly proficient Parking Barriers Suppliers.

Automatic Parking Barriers manufacturer
Automatic Parking Barriers

Features :-

Automatic parking barriers work automatically and can handle harsh weather. Their speed can be adjusted and can detect obstacles accurately.

Automatic Parking Barriers

Components :-

Automatic parking barrier systems consist of several parts: a barrier arm, control unit, sensors, loop detector, pressure button, and LED notifications.

Barrier Arm

LED Notification

Loop Detector