Half Turnstiles & Swing Doors

The use of Turnstiles is to help regulate traffic in many locations, both indoors and outside. Especially when a large number of people need to pass through them. Our turnstiles are made to operate and last for a long period. We are ideal Turnstile Gates Suppliers.

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369 Half Turnstiles & Swing Doors

A variety of turnstile designs are available with us. Short turnstiles and swinging doors are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of spaces. These sleek doors and turnstiles assist control access to areas with posh entrances. Also with exclusive VIP zones, or locations with essential managers. You can utilise them with systems that measure time and identify IDs. Such as cards that don't need touching or specialised body scans. We are significant Turnstile Gates Suppliers.

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Half Turnstiles & Swing Doors

Features :-

Our turnstile designs bring aesthetic appeal while controlling access, ideal for posh entrances and VIP zones.

Half Turnstiles & Swing Doors

Components :-

It has the main structure that houses the turnstile mechanism. It also contains card readers and biometric scanners.

Rotating Arms

Safety Sensors

Biometric Scanners