Fixed Bollards

Our Bollards provide powerful defence against vehicles driving in prohibited areas. Bollards are embedded in the ground to defend regions. This creates a solid wall to protect people and doesn’t allow vehicles to enter wrong locations. Trust us to be the perfect Bollards Suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

Effective Resistance

369 Fixed Bollards

Our Heavy Duty Bollard is durable and works well even in harsh environments. Where large equipment like forklifts is utilised, it prevents goods from being bumped. These bollards are composed of durable steel and may be planted where you need them.

They are constructed of special steel that has been shielded by being immersed in hot liquid. They will never rust even if you use them inside or outside thanks to this unique protection. Grab the deals now as we are your top-rated Bollard Suppliers.

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Fixed Bollards

Features :-

Fixed bollards from 369 Automation combine toughness and style. You can make them even stronger with concrete inside. They come in different sizes and styles.

Fixed Bollards

Components :-

Fixed bollards have these parts: fluid, generator, and pump. They work together to make the bollards stable.