Sensory Parking Barriers

Introducing a versatile parking barrier system. Which adapts to your demands but also proves to be a cost-effective solution. We can be your go-to Parking Barrier Suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

Reliable Parking Control

369 Sensory Parking Barriers

The 369 Automation parking system ensures that you have a parking space. The 369 Automation parking barrier is designed to control parking spaces. It is simple to use and lasts a long time. It is composed of high-quality materials and technologies. It is controlled via a remote control. It is not like other autonomous devices in that its only function is to allow or deny parking.

The 369 Automation parking barrier is intelligent and simple to use. It's strong and safe since it contains a sensor that detects anything in its path. It has a single control panel and many remote control devices. You may operate up to four parking barriers. Let’s team up as your ideal Parking Barrier Suppliers.

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Sensory Parking Barriers

Features :-

Sensory Parking Barriers can handle heavy traffic quickly. They have a strong base and rest area along with manual backup and various control methods.

Sensory Parking Barriers

Components :-

Sensory parking barriers include control boards, remote control, sensors, control unit, push buttons, and photocells, all crucial for their functioning.

Push Buttons

Remote Control