Removable Bollards

Our Bollards provide powerful defence against vehicles driving in prohibited areas. Bollards are embedded in the ground to defend regions. This creates a solid wall to protect people and doesn’t allow vehicles to enter wrong locations. Trust us to be the perfect Bollards Suppliers in Dubai, UAE.


369 Removable Bollards

Our Removable bollards restrict access to outdoor areas when they are closed. This allows the people to walk on the paths. They are removed as per the needs. They allow only special vehicles to pass, such as delivery trucks or ambulances.. 

They are buried in the ground. This will prevent unauthorised people from gaining access inside. They have handles and rings. We are proficient Bollard Suppliers.

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Removable Bollards

Features :-

Removable bollards offer control over who enters an area, with flexibility in their use. They're installed in the ground and can be easily taken out when needed.

Removable Bollards

Components :-

Removable bollards have three parts: a steel bar, a welded cap, and a mounting sleeve. These pieces work together to control access to areas when needed.

Steel Bar

Welded Cap

Mounting Sleeve