Hydraulic Automatic Bollards

Our Bollards provide powerful defence against vehicles driving in prohibited areas. Bollards are embedded in the ground to defend regions. This creates a solid wall to protect people and doesn’t allow vehicles to enter wrong locations. Trust us to be the perfect Bollards Suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

Mechanical Toughness

369 Hydraulic Automatic Bollards

Hydraulic power is used to operate an automatic hydraulic bollard. It has a hydraulic rod that moves up and down. The system moves the bollard by an electric motor to a block, gear pump, and fuel tank. Strong, non-rusting stainless steel was used to create this bollard. The thickness of the bollard is changeable. 

You can lower the bollard to allow traffic to pass in an emergency or when the power goes out. Manage it through remote control and remote card reader. Also one may use a special remote RF card reader. It works well in areas with heavy vehicle traffic and high security needs. Such as parking lots, parks, schools, and neighbourhoods.

Hydraulic Bollards
Hydraulic Automatic Bollards

Features :-

They operate using hydraulic power, made of stainless steel and have adjustable thickness. They can be lowered during emergencies and controlled by remote.

Hydraulic Automatic Bollards

Components :-

Their components include a flashing light, refracting strip, and a hydraulic cylinder. They work together to ensure effective functionality.

Flashing Light

Refracting Strip

Hydraulic Cylinder