Tripod Turnstiles

The use of Turnstiles is to help regulate traffic in many locations, both indoors and outside. Especially when a large number of people need to pass through them. Our turnstiles are made to operate and last for a long period. We are ideal Turnstile Gates Suppliers.

Access Control

369 Tripod Barriers

Tripod barriers act as gates to restrict access to certain areas. They are quite useful in places like banks and business buildings. They function and are easy to use, so those in positions of authority can rely on them. Our technology ensures that individuals may enter and exit without any problems. Even if the way is busy. Choose us as the finest Turnstile Gates Suppliers. 

tripod turnstile gates suppliers
Tripod Barriers

Features :-

Tripod Barriers offer access control and security solutions. They are ideal for busy areas like banks and business buildings.

Tripod Barriers

Components :-

The main structure provides support for the barrier arms. Sensors to detect the presence of individuals. It has three arms, hence the name "tripod”.

LED Indicator Lights

Barrier Arms

Motor Mechanism